New Ebook: Modernize your Enterprise with an Ecommerce Center of Excellence

Future proof your business.

How an Ecommerce Center of Excellence enables CPG to thrive in the DTC era.

The modern Enterprise has a number of aging investments in digital. A center of excellence is a set of stakeholders, processes, practices, and best-in-class examples of a brand investment in digital commerce.

This ebook will explore how an ECOE can benefit an Enterprise looking to invest into the modernization of its eCommerce and direct to consumer digital investments. This ebook is for an enterprise brand CDO, CMO, and CTO, and their counterparts in partnering agencies and technology vendors.

This eBook looks at:

  • Macro-level drivers of an Enterprise Center of Excellence
  • The purpose of a Center of Excellence and who it serves
  • The lifecycle of a Center of Excellence and real-life examples
  • How to build a Center of Excellence team

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